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Our standard home inspection includes an evaluation of the visible and accessible interior and exterior features of the structure, its systems and components.  The report we provide will include identification of any material defects in a format that is easy to read and understand.  It will also include recommendations for maintenance and repair. As Certified Home Inspectors, we do not consider our job complete until you understand everything provided in your report.

Types of Inspections 

Pre-Possession Inspections: Did you buy a brand new build? We understand its new but that does not mean it’s flawless. We can complete an inspection of that new home before you take possession, and one of our inspectors will ensure it is up to standard before you move in!

Commercial Inspections: If you are a small business owner purchasing your first commercial property or an experienced investor who owns several buildings, purchasing a commercial property is a very important financial commitment. Since the repairs and/or replacement of a major component on a commercial building like roof or HVAC units can be extremly costly, Knowing the actual condition of the building is very important.

Service Calls: We are available for all home and business inquiries to troubleshoot any concerns you may have.

Thermal Imaging: We have the latest thermal imaging cameras that are used as a diagnostic tool on all inspections to see what the naked eye cannot, these issues can be plumbing leaks or water penetration. These thermal cameras also allow us to detect heat loss from missing or under-insulated areas, as well as improperly sealed windows and poorly ventilated attic spaces. Infrared scans are best done when outside temperatures are lower than the inside temperature of your home or business.

Air Quality Testing: Air quality samples are taken in several areas of the building and sent to our lab for diagnoses. We then write a report explaining our findings in terms that you will be able to understand.

Multi-Housing Inspections: Multi housing Inspections tend to be done prior to the condo board taking possession from the builder. We also troubleshoot problems that may occur after possession of the condo owners.


Commercial Roof Inspections:  Put your mind at ease with an All-inclusive Roof Inspection including infrared thermal imaging. Whether you have experienced wind and hail damage to your roof or you are looking for area calculations on roofing for a commercial property, we are well-versed in damage assessment techniques and roof inspection safety. 

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Detailed Reports 

An easy-to-read overview summarizing the key points:

  • One section for every major system of your home (roofing, exterior, structure, plumbing, etc.)

  • The identification of components that are not performing

  • A description of items that are near the end of their life

  • Illustrations that show the details

  • Photos of your home


Thermal Imaging 

  1. Insulation verification and heat loss or air leakage

  2. A complete interior scan for thermal anomalies

  3. Checking radiant floor heating systems

  4. Shooting ceilings below 2nd floor plumbing to look for signs of hidden leaks

  5. Spot checking areas I am concerned about due to other visible red flags

Up to 2500 sq. ft. $450


Single Home

Up to 1500 sq.ft. $550

Up to 2000 sq.ft. $600 

Up to 2500 sq.ft. $650

+ 500 sq.ft. $50



Up to 1500 sq.ft. $450



Up to 1500 sq.ft. $500

+500 sq.ft. $50

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